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As the evening sky faded from a salmon color to a sort of flint gray, I thought back to the salmon I caught that morning, and how gray he was, and how I named him Flint. ~Jack Handey

Lots of people committed crimes during the year who would not have done so if they had been fishing. The increase of crime is among those deprived of the regenerations that impregnate the mind and character of the fisherman. ~Herbert Hoover

You cannot catch trout with dry breeches. ~Spanish Proverb

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.

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Fishing seems to be the favorite form of loafing.

When I go fishing I like to know that there's nobody within five miles of me.

Old fishermen never die, they just smell like they did!

I've gone fishing thousands of times in my life, and I have never once felt unlucky or poorly paid for those hours on the water. ~William Tapply A Fly-Fishing Life

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