Man and Fishing

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The fun of fishing is catching 'em, not killing 'em.

I come from a family of fishermen. Fishing is very important to us. We don't hunt. We're not gun folk.

My main aim is getting set up so that when I do quit, I can step away and re-evaluate what I want to do in life. Do I want to get to 50 years old and come back? Or will I just want to go home and be fishing, hunting and working around the house?

WELCOME FISHERMEN: Landlubbers by Appointment!!

I try to make sure to get off the bus as much as I can, try to do something during the day that's local to where I am, whether it's hiking or fishing.

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[ Man and Fishing ].

Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger. ~Herbert Hoover

There are only two occasions when Americans respect privacy, especially in Presidents. Those are prayer and fishing. ~Herbert Hoover


An old fisherman lives here...with the catch of his life.

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