Why Yes, I Am A Bass Man Great Gift For Any Fishing Lover

Gone Fishin'....be back dark-thirty!

My favorite memories growing up in North Carolina were hunting and fishing with my father and brothers. There, I developed a deep appreciation for protecting land and waterways. There, I learned outdoorsmanship.

There is no need for an end to fish, or to fishing for that matter. But there is an urgent need for governments to free themselves from the fishing-industrial complex and its Ponzi scheme, to stop subsidizing the fishing-industrial complex and awarding it fishing rights, when it should in fact pay for the privilege to fish.

The Fish Story he Never tells...

Sustainable fishing is a fraud. It's a marketing term that really means 'business as usual.'

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[ Why Yes, I Am A Bass Man Great Gift For Any Fishing Lover ].

The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming; thus it is with time. ~Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the things I enjoy the most is fishing.

I was a typical American boy. I did a lot of outdoor activities, played a lot outside with my friends, loved to go the beach, liked to hike, boating and fishing, and I flew a lot of model airplanes as well.

To pull the rascal in!~John Wolcot

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